Lenten Parish Mission 2024

WITH GREAT DESIRE: “I have greatly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.” (Lk 22:15)

A Eucharistic Parish Mission preached by

Fr. Herald Joseph Brock, CFR

(Including elements of the teaching of Pope St John Paul II from the encyclical Ecclesia de Eucharistia and
Pope Francis from the Apostolic Letter, Desiderio Desideravi)


“I Am With You,” (Mt 28:20): Presence, Communion, Desire, Amazement
The Eucharist, which is truly the Body and Blood of Jesus, His Living Presence among us, responds to our
deep human need for the presence of and communion with the One Person who really loves us. In the
wake of the atrophy caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the growing isolation of the digital age,
this need is greater than ever. The desire of Jesus for communion with us overwhelms us with wonder
and awakens the desire to share this with others.

“The Lamb Who Was Slain,” (Rev 5:6): Passion, Pain, Suffering and Sacrifice
Sacrifice and suffering are inevitable in a limited, fallen world. We all experience this. Without some way
to understand and redeem them, they can crush and embitter us. The Passion of Jesus on the Cross
reveals the power of sacrifice to express love. His Sacrifice made present in the Eucharist enables us to
unite our own sacrifices and suffering to His, and have them infused with salvific power and redemptive
love. The Eucharist becomes a catalyst for conversion, a source of healing and a means of restoration for
our humanity.

“Food for the Journey:” Prophecy, Promise, Hope, Heaven
The human person is “Homo Viator:” man in motion, man on the way. But what is our destination and
how can we be sure to get there? How can we avoid getting lost, ending up at a dead end, breaking
down or giving up? Jesus is “Viaticum:” with us on the way. He is our companion who feeds us with the
miraculous Living Bread and overflowing New Wine that gives us the strength to reach our destiny. The
Eucharist is the foretaste of eternal life, plants a seed of living hope in us, enables us to ingest the power
of the Resurrection and the fire of Pentecost. It is a promise and prophecy of a humanity renewed by His