About Fr. Herald Brock

Fr. Herald Joseph Brock, CFR, is a Franciscan Friar of the Renewal based at  St. Michael Friary in Paterson, NJ. He was ordained to the priesthood in  1994, and served in various capacities in the New York area: director of both Padre Pio and St. Anthony Shelters for Homeless Men, youth  evangelization, formation, teaching, liturgy and spiritual direction. From 2001-2007 he was a missionary in Comayagua, Honduras, where he helped  to establish the St. Benedict Joseph Medical Center for the poor and Casa  Guadalupe Missionary Center. He later spent two and a half years on a  special missionary assignment in South Sudan, where he built the House of  Mercy spiritual center in Torit, Eastern Equatoria. Since 2011, he has been a  full-time missionary preacher and director of Franciscan Mission Outreach,  a non-profit mission support organization established by the Franciscan  Friars of the Renewal. Fr. Herald preaches throughout the United States,  and supports evangelization activities and efforts to assist the poor in  Honduras, Jamaica, Haiti, Cameroon, Uganda, South Sudan and occasionally in other places of crisis and need, like Ukraine, Turkey and Syria.